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Aloha! I decided to try a free design from a CNC site. It is a small house. There are CUT portions and ETCH portions. However, the GF treats it all as CUT.
I tried changing all the colors (red for cut, black for etch) but the GF still does not separate the types of jobs.
I saw in some help files that GF treats Stroke lines and CUT and fill lines as ETCH, so I even changed all the lines to “read” as that. Still not working.
What simple thing am I missing?



The GFUI will do as you tell it for each color but all vectors default to cut, you have to go in and change that yourself

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You just change the settings from CUT to SCORE or ENGRAVE in the GFUI, no need to mess with the file :slight_smile:

Fun file, is it Thai or Cambodian?

So part of the problem is language.

You say etch, but the common terms are “score” for a simple line drawn on a surface, and “engrave” which will blast material away across larger areas.

Judging by this you want “scores” for black and cuts for reds.

In the UI, just click on the black lines step and choose “score” if you’re using proofgrade. If you’re using non PG, a score is just a low powered cut, so you can just back off to like ten power or something.

You’re nearly there.


Listed as a pagoda, but who knows?

Ahh, now I remember! New problem arose. GF makes this 13 “steps” in the sidebar, however, I don’t know what I should treat as score vs cut since it does it by shape, not color. Its not like I click on a step in the sidebar and it highlights it on the bed image.
Any tricks to get GF to reduce the number of STEPS?
For instance, I don’t know why (or from where) STEP two in the sidebar is 5 little dots. They could be from anywhere in the design.

Interesting, I’d say it’s more of a wat/temple then a pagoda :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (too many years of art/architectural history)

There are a lot of beautiful golden roofs like this all around the Mekong Delta

To reduce steps you do want to mess with the file: make sure everything that you want to behave the same is the EXACT same color and fill/stroke. A pure black stroked object with no fill will be a separate step from a pure black filled object with no stroke.

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3axis posts stolen designs, not appropriate to re-post it here.

FYI, since you’re asking for help form the community - not offering up a design - you should move your post to Everything Else

It does exactly that - just hover though, don’t click - the step turns teal when you’re hovering

Your dots are highlighted teal in the image above because my mouse is hovering over that step - you have to have material selected, and the art has to be within the cut plane, but it does highlight!

Steps are based on colour - but literally #000000 and #000001 are two different steps even though to the human eye they’re identical. Select the items that you want to go together and change them all to the same colour using your graphics program.


Thank you!!!

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