Go Pack Go!


I asked my nephew what he wanted for his birthday, thinking that he’d want some Legos or something cool. He said, I want something Packers made on your laser machine. Considering he lives in South Carolina, and he’s a Green Bay Packers Fan, I couldn’t deny him.


Lucky nephew–those are some amazing items!


just a heads up the fog on the acrylic can be avoided if you use tape to cover the side you are going to laser. I had that same issue and now it comes out flawless.


I took the picture without doing any clean up on the acrylic immediately after it came off the :glowforge: . I have been removing the mask for all my acrylic projects, but maybe next time, I’ll leave it on to see how it turns out. Thanks!


It also polishes off quite nicely with a bit of toothpaste. :slight_smile:


You know I tried your toothpaste trick on something recently (can’t remember what) but it worked every bit as well as the expensive plastic polish I keep on hand to correct my glueing mistakes. That’s a great tip! :slightly_smiling_face:


White toothpaste is also great for filling in nail holes on walls…lmao


Apparently it works long enough to make it through a USAF housing inspection. Shrivels up and falls out a week or so later, after the next tenants move in. I was never brave enough to try it, myself. Those housing inspectors were BRUTAL!


Kinda makes you wonder what it does to tooth enamel over the years… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I expect that the ivory can handle it better than if you tried to make a set of chompers out of acrylic! It is polish after all and that implys some sort of (softish perhaps)abrasive

Back to the OP, I love how all the roads look on the state map. The first impression is like some antique cracking till you figure out what it is.