Go to bed, @dan!


We love the forum posts from you, @dan. We really do. But I’m awake on the east coast for work, and you’re still posting. Maybe it’s time for a little rest so you can tackle another day of making our Glowforges (and having a family)…


He’s on a different schedule than most.


He’ll be alright. December is coming like a hurricane. 1000s of GFs promised to be shipped. Time for sleep will probably come in January. I know he doesn’t want any more delays. - Rich


Cyborgs don’t require sleep… :no_mouth: (He can;t be human !) lol


I am using my secret cyborg magical powers to get an extra hour of work in tonight!

But yes, times are busy… very, very busy. Truthfully harder on the team than it is on me. But damn, we’re doing everything we can to make sure we don’t let you down.