Go visit a national park


Today at Black Canyon of the Gunnison NP:

12-24” deep powder, good thing they lend out snowshoes!


You are making me homesick for my birth state. So beautiful.


Stunning and I’m inspired to get back into photography (other than crime scene photos). Capturing beauty rather than grief!


That first photo is my fav!


Thanks. The exposure turned out to be really interesting. None of these have been edited, all taken on an iPhone 6s Plus.


Awesome pics!


Great pictures. Looks cold though. Spent my last snowy winter in 79 and never looked back.

Something to ponder…
Was not that long ago that people trudged through areas like that looking for a place to call home.
Boggled my mind every time I went through the badlands or some mountain area.

Humans can be stubborn when confronted with an unfulfilled goal.


Gorgeous. I’ve only ever been there in summer, but I love snow photos.


Me too!!!

Far North - In January



How did you manage to drive all the way to the North Pole???


Nice snow storm but it is hard to make out the Polar Bear with his head pointed the other way :upside_down_face:


It’s that tiny little dot on the lower left.

No, wait, that’s just smut on my screen…


I just now realized smut is etymologically related to the word schmutz. Thank you!

Also, too many definitions for smut, so this one took me an extra moment to properly process :wink:


I used to live in Gunnison. Loved the canyon and that road!


Unfortunately, I have had to explore such places vicariously though even healthy and wealthy (and I am neither) seeing all 200 or so in real life and in their many moods would leave room for not much else.


Then you’ll probably recognize this:


now that… that makes me jealous.