Gobble gobble! Steph's turkeys have returned!


The cute turkeys that @steph made last year have come back! Yes, nearly an entire year has passed! She shared a PDF file, as she was unsure how to upload the SVG. The notches were not the right size for me, since she had originally designed it for baltic birch, so I sent a message asking her if she could try the SVG again so I could edit it in Affinity. It came through just fine, though the pieces were set to fills, so I took the fills out and re-did the notches. This one was before I got all the notches completely right, so has a bit of glue to hold it together. This is my test turkey!

Next time, I will probably flip the tail feathers over in their cut out holes and score both sides…something I didn’t think of until I put this one together. And, then of course, color both sides of each tail feather.

I started out coloring them with my oil-based markers, then realized I was wasting some expensive pens, as this is PG draft board and the paint just soaked right in. So, I got out my regular sharpies and went to work.

Now, I’m all set to make my youngest grandson a little turkey with his name on it. If anyone would like to have the file for this, I’ll be happy to share Steph’s great little design, again.


So cute! I would love the file for this as my mom has a small collection of turkeys in various materials (wood, glass, fabric) and this would be a great addition. Thanks!!


Affinity Designer can open PDFs. :slight_smile:


Looks great and nice paint job on it as well! :grinning:


Adorable! I love the colors.


Well, that’s adorable.


Nice. Kinda has a Sith Lord color scheme, which is interesting, but black is definitely wild turkey approprate.


Great! And of course I want the file. Who doesn’t want the file? That’s like asking “who wants gravy?”


Yes…I know. I did do that, but couldn’t figure out how to edit the parts. Maybe I was just too impatient or didn’t know what the heck I was doing…or both.




@chris1 is right…silly me! Here 'tis…

Turkey re-do.svg.zip (3.6 KB)

BTW…I redid the notches for .125", but have not yet retested the fit. They were a bit loose in the original file…plus, @steph had designed them for a different measurement for her Baltic birch ply. Might want to try this on some draft board first, just in case.


Some PDFs are easier to edit than others. And I suppose some might have things that AD can’t edit. But so far all of the ones I’ve tried to import into AD have let me edit the things I needed to change. But sometimes things are grouped oddly or you have to do a lot of breaking/combining paths to get stuff done.


Cute. I made them for placeholders for everyone at Thanksgiving dinner last year. Still have one knocking around the dining room :slight_smile:



I think I ordered the family size crate of baltic birch last time, so I’ve got material to burn on experiments.

Hmm… I have to get back to this after dinner, but I just quickly opened the file in Illustrator and it’s looking kind of microscopic.


Unfortunately,I can’t know what it looks like in anything else…I only use Affinity on a Mac. I created it on a 12x20 artboard, so it will always load into the GUFI in the correct size. At least for me. I hope you get it working for you.


I think you may have exported this with “responsive” turned on, as the SVG doesn’t contain any dimension units. I’m not sure we can depend on it loading at any particular size.


I looked for that setting in Affinity…responsive…last night when I saw it mentioned somewhere on the forum. I cannot find it. I’ve uploaded other SVGs in the forum when folks were helping me troubleshoot a file and no one ever mentioned that setting. Do you know Affinity? If not…calling all Affinity users, please?

Edit; I just looked at my SVG. When I opened it, it opened in pixel format rather than what I’d saved it in…which was inches. I’m not sure how to fix this, but will try some things. Sorry for the hassles.


I’ve switched to exporting PDF from AD rather than SVG. It seems to do a better job of setting the dimensions on PDF files.


Thanks for the input. But, now it’s bugging the heck out of me…how some setting got changed. I’ve never had any troubles at all with SVGs until now. Can you tell me where to find the equivalent setting as ‘responsive’ in AI?


Maybe this.

When exporting to SVG see the more button for the option settings on the SVG export panel. Under the setable options uncheck the viewbox setting

Source: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/39421-svg-export-width-100/