Going through the motions but no cutting

Like I said above it just cut the entire piece and engraved but on the outer cut it is moving and making sounds but is not cutting.

So what happened was…Im an idiot and had moved a slider the wrong way. Sorry all.


No problem. We have all made those mistakes. :sunglasses:


The first thing to check for, as it is the most common cause,


Hi, I have the same question, was in the middle of a cut/engrave job and it’s going through the motions but not cutting anything. I’ve already done one and was on the second piece when it happend. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the community. Two things you can check…1) the power setting has reverted to ‘1’…which won’t do anything, and 2) Make sure you don’t have the design doubled up on top of the other…which will cancel out everything.

Hi, thank you. For 1) the power setting is at full, speed is lower at 170 and # of passes is a 1 and 2) there is no double up on the image. I did clean the printer head lens but have the same issue. thanks

Doubling up the design only affects vector engravings, not cutting. If you put the same design down on top of itself to cut, it will simply cut twice.

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Ooops…yes, you are right. Not thinking clearly this morning.

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