Going to pickup my Glowforge Pro! Wish me luck!

Arrived at UPS!


Congrats and good luck!


Good luck! Bring someone to help lift!!!


Take a case of beer with you in case you need to bribe anyone to help!


That’s just some good life advice, right there.


Yep. Worst case scenario, nobody helps but you still have beer.


Fantastic Advise!!!

How exciting!!! Drive careful!

Got a truck full of cabinet grade 1/8 Baltic Birch sheets and some 1/4 Luan. Arrived a couple minutes early before they open… So just sitting here. Lol


And of course, the only box they have is the crumb tray…I see it as arrived… Story of my Life. Lol


Just one last step in the Cascade of “you will have to wait a little longer”. :roll_eyes:

Oh, swear words. That’s so disappointing. You deserve a pick-me-up treat.

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Oh…I stayed there, and kindly asked them to find it. Thankfully, my Aunt who works there just happened to stop in to pick something up she forgot last night, and “found” it for me. LOL

Sweet jesus is that box huge! For the record, I only have ONE handle left. Shipping to the East coast though, I suppose I suspected as much. They are pretty poorly designed anywards. Really should have done something more robust. And I thought the packages were supposed to have G shock patches on them as well…All in all, my box is in pretty rough shape. Will post later once I get everything unloaded and setup. I recall reading my Pro glasses were supposed to be in the accessories box with the crumb tray and exhaust hose. They are not. And the crumb tray is FILTHY, like someone rubbed it in dirt before tossing it into the shipping box. Not pleased thus far.

Only hope the glasses are in the main box, and that the machine is clean like new, and all intact.


Yes, your pro glasses are in the main box.
They stopped doing shock labels after the first round - they got the data: Your package will get undue shock no matter what.
Then they redesigned the packaging.

I sure hope everything inside survived the trip.


Yeah, glasses are in the main forge box, don’t even worry :smiley: ( I got mine the other day )

Relax, breath, set it up and forge on!
If it is not instantaneous, don’t worry, just ask for some help or advice.

SO jelly, a truck FULL of all that wood, I better get to local foraging.

Sorry if I missed where you said it, but where did you get a TRUCK full?? Regardless of your answer: good for you!

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Yeah, I went to my local wood supplier. They only had 5 sheets of 5x5 1/8 birch plywood left. Time will tell if they are a good supplier of Birch ply for me. My delivery of transfer tape ( used in vinyl cutting ) is still a day out. I’ll use that to essentially make my own proofgrade after ripping it all down on the table saw.

Will give me approx 13 full 12x20 sheets plus another 4 or 5 of 10x20 sheets. At $15 per sheet, that’s about $1 per 12x20 “proofgrade” sheet. I can live with that. They also had 1/4 walnut, but was only one finished side, and for a 4x8 sheet of that, they wanted nearly $130 bucks.


A pickup with 10 sheets would qualify in my vernacular as a truck full.
I get mine about 45 minutes up the road.

I’ve never done 10 sheets; but my last load of merely 3 was insufficient and now I gotta drive my truck up for another truckload. And feel all the exotics, too. But my source doesn’t have exotics small enough for the glowforge except for turning pens. :frowning:


That’s the boat I’m in as well. It’s about an hour drive, so I took everything they had. Also grabbed 1/4 Luan just for testing. They sell exotics as well, but it’s all 5/4. I can resaw them…but I HATE resawing. So…we’ll see.

My supplier always has several pallets of baltic birch with the Russian-lettered crating still on, so I have no worry about that.
They do LARGE exotics. They will re-saw for me; but I need to justify the quantity. Next time I’m there I’ll snap some photos of what they offer.
Maybe I’ll get some re-sawn and then offer here on the forums.