Gold Ti-Coated Knife

I need help-
I have been trying to engrave on a meal gold ti-coated knife and the laser won’t even penetrate a single mark. I have tried all of the highest settings and even placing tape over the reflective surface.

Need some guidance please!

Welcome to the community!
The glowforge won’t engrave metal, it’s not powerful enough.
It will remove anodizing, or “mark” metal by using a compound that will deposit a tough oxide layer on the metal.
I have no experience with it, but there have been discussions about Titanium. Search for it with the magnifying glass icon on the top right. :+1:

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Ok so the other knife blades that i have been able to engrave on is just the laser removing the oxide layer correct?

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Or some other kind of coating. Many metal objects have unknown coatings applied, and produce acceptable results.

As indicated, you can mark on various materials using coatings like Cermark or Lasermark.

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