Golden Email finally received after many long months!


Well, the day finally arrived. I looked in my inbox and just about fell out of my wheelchair in excitement. I’ve finally received the golden email. It felt like a lifetime has gone by(even though it’s only been about 8 months). I’m so excited and I guess it’s time to start finishing all of my designs I’ve started awhile ago. :grin::+1::glowforge:


:rat::rat::rat::rat::rat:Congo rats!


I’m so excited for you as well! What are you plannign to make?


Congrats! :smile:


So happy for you!


Congratulations! Enjoy


No matter how long the wait … It’s an incredible machine … And you will have so much fun!


Congrats! I got my email a few days ago.


I’m defiantly plan to make stuff from the catalogue. But, I also want to make some custom coasters and I have a sign I made of the Chicago skyline with my CNC machine(X-Carve) that I think would look nice made with a laser of some of the buildings in the background made from acrylic that light up. Just one idea of many I have.