Golden Email Received and Replied (UK - Pro)

Hi Folks,

not one for spamming the forums with stuff but I did promise to mention when my email arrived. It came in early this morning but I’ve only just seen it. I’ve replied with the thumbs up although the address that I was forced to accept isn’t the best one. I’m going to contact support to correct them.

I’ll update this thread when it arrives etc.



Please let us know how the process goes and your story of this journey.

Congratulations! :grinning:

Congrats Glen.
Should get my email sometime today.

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Yay! :+1::+1::+1::v:

And seconded on the address fields, I had to email support seperately to get a feild filled out, but to their credit they did it toot sweet.

Proofgrade materials arrived today. Paid £42.44 even thought they were a feebie. However they have a value so… meh (although still seems a little high). Positives, they arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. Negatives, had no delivery notice from UPS or Glowforge on their arrival day. That does not bode well for the actual delivery. Luckily we have a nice relationship with our local UPS people (they deliver goods to us all the time) and so I expect they will time a big deliver to our opening hours which the know.


Further digging done and I now know the following. Import VAT is due on the landed value. This means that you get charged on the shipping cost as well. Ouch. The good news (for some) is that if you are a VAT registered business you can claim all of the import VAT back.

No word from Glowforge however UPS has contacted me for my import details. I have provided them and it appears the machine may be with us as early as Monday. Annoyingly, the owner of our property hasn’t actually built the vent that we need (only had 18 months to do it) so even when it arrives I can’t test it.

Meh… our UPS guy came yesterday when no one was around. Left a message saying he was coming today… now guess who is waiting all day long :wink: Well at least he’s only bringing the Proofgrade. No news on the GF yet :frowning:
And VAT for the proofgrade in germany is 46 €

Just spoke to UPS. All sorted and being delivered on Monday. I guess I’ll be in work early that day then.


Package arrived with 3 of the 4 handles intact. No damage to the box or unit that I can. I’ll update with VAT payment and whether or not the unit is working soon.


Still waiting for the UPS invoice to firmly look at the numbers however here are the first days projects. Mostly existing test pieces. The straw dispenser and token are my designs.



Oh, nice personalized straw box! :grinning::+1:

Looking good. Keep em coming!