Golden Gate Bridge


Super fun Project.

After taking a trip out there I had to make a tribute to it.


Looks great! (I guess most engineers are a little nervous about suspension bridges on breezy days. ) :smile:

For those who didn’t have to sit through it in class, or who want to watch again for old times sake:


Day 1 of my Engineering 101 class. That video freaked me out going over bridges for a while.


By the time we saw it, they had pretty much pinpointed the culprit as harmonic resonance…same for you? (Huh…now they propose flutter. That actually fits better with what the bridge was doing.)


Yes. It was presented as a problem created by vibrations caused by wind generated at the resonant frequency of the bridge; although, I’ve since seen some dispute over whether that was really the cause here.


Still don’t understand why the guy didn’t just drive or reverse the car onto the edge section. (Could have saved the dog.) :neutral_face:

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My wife and I took a trip there a few years back and loved it! She found a beach that you could get a good view of the bridge and a good view of other things, as well. She failed to notice the beach she had lead us to was a forward thinking beach :rofl:

Semi NSFW photo :arrow_down:


Glrbble! :smile:
(Nice shot of the bridge though.)


As the engineer said when the bridge fell, “Damn, I knew that decimal point was in the wrong place!”


You would think the lesson learned. Even marching soldiers break step when marching over bridges, so one would wonder why this happened. ( lets really overload the bridge and have everyone jump up and down in unison)


I was visiting family in the KC area when that happened. I remember it being on the news.

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I cannot imagine an engineer just walking in to the central area and not raising a ruckus just from the crowded jumping up and down in unison. I would think it the nightmare of anyone attempting such a bit of work.


Cool design! I like the way you handled the perspective.

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Thank you.


Well, I certainly learned something new from posting this lol.


I was visiting family at the time as well. I remember it as being a pretty surreal experience.

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I don’t want to think about the forward, the rearward was more than enough.


Very nice design and execution!


Thank you

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When I was in Denmark back in 1999 (and still an engineer) my hosts drove me across the Great Belt Bridge (3rd longest suspension bridge in the world, or something like that) to visit Copenhagen. About mid-span, one of them started telling me how Denmark has all their bridges wired with explosives, so that if war breaks out, they can blow all the bridges to help protect themselves from invasion.

I remember really wishing he had waited to tell me that until we were safely back on the Jutland side again. :stuck_out_tongue: