Golden ticket 11/27, Tracking 11/30, Delivery ETA 12/1

Four days! What happened to six weeks?

So disappointed. /s

I guess we’ll be lasering Christmas gifts after all! :smiley:

[Basic + Filter, ordered 10/19/2015 (day 26)]



so great to hear

Would you mind revealing what type of unit you are getting and the date you ordered?

Wow. That’s great news! I can’t do UPS MYCHOICE to get alerted by UPS when mine is coming because it is being delivered to a commercial address, And I also understand there are sometimes delays in the emails with tracking info going out from GF so I may not know it’s arrival until it shows up at our office door. But hopefully, mine (a Pro) will come just as quickly here in So Calif

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Basic + Filter, ordered 10/19/2015 (day 26)

Bazinga … congrats … now get to work. :sunglasses:

My tracking says it’s coming from (or at least through) Sunnyvale, CA.

You’re probably slightly closer than I am in Vegas, but it’s only taking two days to shiip to me anyway.

Between our Silhouette, heat press, 3D printer, and now the GlowForge, our craft/DIY workshop will rival the garage full of woodworking tools I inherited from my dad. :slight_smile:

There’s nothing we can’t make! Muahahaha!!! :rofl:


I’m anxiously waiting for my ups tracking.
Same order day: 10/19/15
Golden ticket day: 10/27/17
(Pro unit + Filter)

Shipping to Santa Fe, NM

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Congratulations! :grinning:

In some ways, it is good the PG store is out of stock of so many items, as I went above my budget by over $100 picking up at least one of each item there