Golden Ticket Acquired


The day I always believed in has arrived.

Looking forward to being so much more than the lurker I have (mostly) been for the last two years. I for one have always had faith in Dan, the GlowForge Team, and the product, but as importantly, the community.

I have been BLOWN AWAY by the interaction, advice, and support this community has established. IMHO this coalition of creatives is a massive part of the “wealth” of GlowForge.

And Now to paraphrase the late great Tom Petty… Waiting for the UPS is the Hardest Part.


Congratulations! :grinning::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::dizzy:


Woo hoo !


Congrats…your reward for hanging around…lol


Awesome! Congrats! Hopefully I’m not too far behind you.


That’s great!!!




Excellent. Thanks for the notice, I really enjoy seeing everyone get their hopes answered!
I completely agree with you assessment of the value the community brings. I don’t think the company anticipated the helpful group of customers who bring a depth of experience and sense of community that would develop around their product.

Dan has said many times "We have the best customers!" I have to agree.


Tennessee forge was long and lean,
color of the snow but its eye was green…

Well. at least at setup.


I like what you did there !


Received my PG pack last week - Sweet!

at 8:04 pm this eve got the tracking number for my very own GF Pro!!