Golden Ticket...?


I’ve attached a screenshot of my Estimated Shipping Date. It says today should be the day but I’m not seeing an email. I’ve checked spam/junk and it’s just not there. Please tell me I’m not reading January 11th wrong. Anyone know when I’ll actually get the magical email? :face_with_monocle:


Day is not over. They are working on pacific time I believe.
My ticket showed late on the announced day. Probably late afternoon for them.


It seems that a lot of the emails have been going out after 5 pm local time.


Local to EST?


Estimated shipping date


PST - still only 3 pm at the moment. As an example my email went out at 6:37 pm on a Friday.

I know it is frustrating but you are close even if it doesn’t happen today. :slight_smile:


Mine showed up 2 days after the projected date. 'Soon come".


Sending you positive vibes that it will come soon!


In order to ship, don’t they have to have already sent me the email?


Thank you!


Estimated “shipping” date. In Glowforgese, that means the day they send you the email.


I got it! I got it! I got it!!! I’ll be recreating my “Golden Ticket” post I guess. Thank you everyone!!


Congrats! Now you get to wait up to 6 weeks. I’m in week 2 now.



You will be doing lots of this :point_up_2: (Clicking inbox refresh waiting for your tracking number)


Haha, you caught me!