GONE, SORRY Glowforge Pro, free to good home (NY area, pickup only)

It’s been taken, sorry.

but thanks everyone.

have fun, be kind, stay safe…

A few months ago, some paper backing came loose during a cut and there was a tiny fire… just enough to make Glowforge not quite what it used to be.

It still works. See attached photos for condition.

I got frustrated with some of the focus and wonkiness issues, so I switched to a BOSS laser. The switch has been successful, and the Glowforge has been gathering dust ever since.

I don’t feel comfortable selling it, but yes, it works.

If you’d like it and can pick it up in zip code 10706, happy to pass it on to you.

If there’s a bunch of people interested, I’ll ask you to make a donation of the charity of your choice so we can fairly adjudicate who gets it… most generous donor gets first dibs.

I won’t be able to spend a lot of time on this transaction, but if there’s something I failed to cover, ask away and I’ll try to answer.



I’m interested. Let me know!


thanks @CMadok

got a DM about a minute before you posted

if he picks it up on Saturday, we’re set and that’s that.

if not, you’re next!


Thanks, let me know. I had called some family to ask before I posted, and they told me they could pick it up, but only on a Saturday or Sunday. I’m in California, but I have family in Queens, and I’d have them ship it out here for me.

If he comes, then all is well. :laughing:

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Oh, come on… I was expecting a road-trip in new beater! I’d buy you lunch here…

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I was thinking of it…to go pick it up from my family’s place…but I was very much thinking how much it would suck to drive across country and get stuck in a snowstorm somewhere…it’s over 90 degrees here, I keep forgetting it’s February…

No free lunch for you… :rofl:

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Family has a deli in mid-town. I’d probably take half the inventory with me for roadtrip snacks so i’d have free meals for the return trip too.

Ooooh… free lunch for me!

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(… and you can get to NY by way of Knoxville from here…)

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You could. Not sure what else they sell there, but my mother makes all the Korean food they sell. Drop my name and she’d feed you for free :rofl::rofl:

I usual take 80 all the way across.

If you do it again might I suggest taking 40 or 90 the next time. Still interstate, but very different parts of the country!


I believe I’ve taken both of those ways. I’ve done the trip back and forth I think 6 times now. We’ve experimented, gone north, gone south, but I’m getting old and these trips are always under time contraints, so now fastest and most direct is preferred. :rofl: :rofl:

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That’s why i take a plane :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL - for me the older I get the longer I give myself to take the cross-country trips :smiley:


I would not take any northern route in winter. It was 72 here on my deck in ATL today.

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