Good for a Grin

Built this pond about 17 years ago, ran a water line and power to it. 3 years ago I found these matched cedars in 10 gallon pots that were perfect.

Placed the pots where I wanted, and dug the left hole first. Took me an hour and a half in that clay. went to dig the other one, and hit something.

Oh yeah, huh.
Now I remember. I committed to the fix, and finished digging the hole. "#$% ^@#*!%!

<img src="//"width="375" height=“500”>

I could not have bisected that hole any cleaner with plans. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I plea stupidity.


Nice solution :slight_smile:

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start out thinkin’ you’re just in for a bucket and a shovel kind of a day, and a few hours later you’re putting away the spanner, pliers, measuring tape, hacksaw, crimpers…


That’s a lovely space you’ve got in your yard. I’m envious!


No reason to move the tree instead?


Sunk cost in the other hole… Plus, the position was what I wanted, and I would have it!


That sounds like me until the wife comes by and points out I’m spending far more time re-inspection the electrical than digging 2 new holes would take, no one would know they weren’t where I originally intended them…and she thinks they would look better 2 feet back :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wives are good for that. :no_mouth:


I would have done the same thing. Sure, no one would notice if I just moved them over. But I would notice. …every dang time I looked at them.
Good job sir!

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Nice work around.
This is why, here in the UK, all services must be buried a minimum of 500mm below ground and marked with tape.
Predictably, him indoors went completely OTT when he built my new studio.
Everything was run through 120mm pipe which was covered in gravel, then marked with tape and then back filled. He said he never wanted to have to do any repairs because of accidental damage.
He even ran two lengths of string down there “In case we needed to pull anything in the future”.
Took him ages.:slight_smile:


Thank you! You are right, I am the only one it would have bothered, but that’s enough.

@bridget, nice forethought with that string! :sunglasses: