Good Grief. firefox isn't seeing my SVG

so I finally get to fire up beamer. and this happens. put the SVG in the directory. I go to upload file from said directory, yet under supported files it is NOT there? what the heck?

I have other SVG’s that load.


LOL, Inkscape tricked me. It didn’t save it where I thought it did.


Now you can have a nice rest of the weekend!


LOL, that was true! that in hindsight was so funny. it was like dude, you saved it as an SVG, it SHOULD BE USABLE BY BEAMER!!!

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A rather annoying habit I have found that puts things in the “documents” or “downloads” folder unless you say very specifically otherwise.

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saved it back to the downloads file. I thought I’d moved it before opening it. so I figured I was good. Wellllll, I hadn’t moved it, and I wasn’t good. sheesh.