Good Things

My husband and I had watched the Tested review, and we discussed that it might foreshadow a delay. I saw the delay, and went to bed without reading the whole email. We just slept on the bad news.

This morning I got up and read Dan’s email. I see more good things than bad things.

I am honestly quite disappointed about the delay; but I don’t want one of the Glowforges from the left side. I don’t want to send it back. I don’t want to call Rita with problems. I don’t want to hear apologies. I don’t want it to be waiting for repairs. I want it to work. I want reliability.

Aside from reliability, I’m looking forward to these good things:

My head is exploding over the interchangeable head. I know these guys are building a phenomenal laser and they aren’t cutting corners. Many a multi-tool is not a good idea; but if they are as obsessed with quality on future interchangeable heads, then I’ll probably buy some of them, too.

My head is exploding over 50 sensors that nobody noticed. As long as they don’t fail regularly like the O2 sensors on our old Jetta, those are good and amazing things. I’m so excited over the thought that has gone into this. Team GF already figured out that I’m likely to accidentally put something somewhere wrong - and not realize I’ve done it. I’m one who loses my car keys regularly.

Dan’s twins look great in hardwood; but I’m even more gobsmacked over the multi-level engraves on that Glowforge token. Maybe I’m easily pleased; but that looks amazing and I’m so tickled that I get to do something like that.

Thanks for the supplies and for the free designs. That is, to me, unnecessary but very welcome. Thank you. Thanks for extending the warranty.

I think there are other good things here. Lots of them.

I realize that there are folks who don’t agree with me… who won’t use the same features that I will. For sure, there are reasons to be disappointed.

I’ll be ok to wait for a Glowforge from the right side, rather than the left.


Tenez la droit.


Well, considering they make lasers… I would hope they can cut corners… :wink:

Kidding aside, I fully agree. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I felt the same way. More good than bad.

What? You want to give me more product for free in exchange for my patience at the busiest time of year?

You’re making a more durable and tested project and giving me a longer warranty? How dare you!

You want to surprise me with an interchangeable head that will add additional functionality at a future date to my machine? The nerve.

I’m excited more than anything for the announcement. The additional sensors to protect the longevity of my purchase is piece of mind for the environment in which I’ll place the device. That may be a little too ‘Pollyanna’, but I think I just received the best news of this campaign.

Big thanks to all the regulars that keep this product an exciting thing to be a part of.


I’m in the same boat. my girls are going bonkers waiting on the arrival of our very own GF. I haven’t told them or the mrs. that we are under another delay. I did sign up for the beta, have experience with very complex systems, using LASERS even. just not on shark heads. Bummed I haven’t been picked for that. At any rate. I ordered this device with the expectation that it would enable my daughters to generate income while they are in school(14,10 years old) make really cool stuff for party decorations etc. and general astound people. :slight_smile:

I am very disappointed, not only in another delay but having to tell my family we are still waiting. but I’d much rather have a device that delivers on what it promises.

my suggestion, that I made previously, is that the “founders” should get special pricing on a second unit should they want one. We’ve hung in there all of this time. Give us something significant to reward us for our patience.


I feel like I might understand what this means, but I don’t understand what this means.

Keep the law? Keep to the right?

Okay, I don’t know what this means, in either sense.

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I think…
@cmreeder wants to [quote=“cmreeder, post:1, topic:3708”]
wait for a Glowforge from the right side
referring to this line from @dan’s email:

“On my right was the row of Glowforge printers that we use every day. On the left was the row of printers that were not working, waiting for troubleshooting.”

so @pomwah’s response of “Tenez La Droit” can be translated as “keep the (one on the) right” while being a play on the expression “Tenez Le Droit” which can be thought of as meaning “(to) uphold justice”.

Not to put words into other people’s mouth-holes.


You got me absolutely right, @jbv - thanks.

Thanks also for translating @pomwah’s response. I’ll have to go back and give a like for that cleverness.

In this case, anyway, putting words in my mouth was quite correct. And waiting also seems like the right thing to do, even when Dan and his team wanted to deliver TODAY.

Totally agree with the OP. One thing that concerned me when I first ordered my Basic was that in another year or two they would come out with version 2.0 that did twice as much and I would want that one. It’s part of the reason I upgraded to Pro–didn’t want to be left behind if there might be more capabilities I would want. With the news about the expandability I feel my unit will have a longer useful life and I will be able to add the new bells and whistles. Yay!


OOL. Apologies for being too obtuse.

Could not have said it better myself, I also wanted to applaud and encourage a little “right-mindedness” in folks’ reactions to the news.


ooh, triple-entendre!


OOL, :+1:

One entendre too far?


Never! The more the better.

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I think it just means “keep right”


LMAO about that one :smile: I had one of those Jettas. When it was running it was great. But it spent more time with the check engine light on than it did off during the 2 years I owned it. The dealer knew what was wrong whenever I called and said my name - didn’t even need to ask me what I wanted.

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