Good Use of Countertop Sample Blocks

I’ve had these sitting in my stash for almost 6 years! Decided to make a magnet for each person in the stamp group I’ve been teaching for over 2 years now.
This material is listed on the back as “Topstone - Ivory”.
A local roofer wants some magnets now as giveaways to his clients for their fridge :slight_smile:
After running it through GF I took one of my permanent ink pads and just rubbed it over the image then used my glitter glue to highlight the stars and tiny circles. Son reworked the wording because I didn’t like how it melded into the circle. Haven’t finished running the rest with the new wording he fixed. I adhere magnet onto back with E6000 glue.
SETTINGS I USED: Speed 500, Power FULL, Vary Power, LPI 340, 1 Pass, and Focus Ht of .050"


Cool use for those things!

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That Corian? I used to have boxes of those things but cleaned them out pre-laser. (Shoot)


Yes, I believe they are Corian. I’ve had them in my stash for eons! LOL