Good vibes for Ellicott City, MD, please

Please send good vibes to Ellicott City, MD. Twice now in less than two years our small historic town has been devastated by flash flooding. The gallery where my work is sold has been destroyed again. Good thoughts needed!


So sorry to hear of the destruction of the gallery. Positive energy being sent your way. Stay safe.

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Yikes! I saw the pictures in the weather channel really terrible as the water was not just deep but very very fast more like Japans tsunami than the usual pictures you see of floods.

Very sorry you were caught by it. Hopefully your house and family are doing better than downtown.

Oh no - I can certainly relate. I hope your work wasn’t damaged. :neutral_face:

Glad to see you made it through. Was your home affected? People who’ve never lived it really have no idea how fast and terrible water can be.

Good luck with the recovery.

Prayers go out to you and the residents of Ellicott City. I have family just outside of town. We’ve been watching the devastation. Hope everyone can recover.

My house is dry so I am very fortunate. My artwork on the first floor of the gallery are likely lost. On the bright side, the four people who were trapped on the top floor of the gallery were safely evacuated.

Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts.