Google cloud outage

There is a Google cloud outage in progress, so you may experience intermittent problems with the UI until they resolve it.


What exactly does this mean? me and my friend have been experiencing multiple issues since yesterday?

Thanks for the update @dan. That explains the troubles I’m having. Guess I may have to wait until morning to knock out this project.

how is that possible. I literally watched a youtube video of you @dan just the other day telling some guy in a video interview that “the Google cloud will never go down, it is Google”. I just spent $5K+ on this machine. It just arrived today and I was only able to print “the gift of good measure” and that is it. Now it is stuck on centering and I feel frauded.

I’m sure that is disappointing to see so early on. Timing, I suppose.

If it’s any consolation, I can only think of a couple of times in the past 18 months that I haven’t been able to just print something at will - and I use my machine a fair amount.

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I have my machine for a bit over a year now. As @jbmanning5 mentioned, there have only been a few times my machine has not cooperated due to outside issues. Rest assured, the problem will get fixed. My machine has never been down more than a few hours I don’t believe.