Google doc with settings missing or moved?

OK - so I had a google document, with settings for a bunch of different type of material for the GF - went to it today, and it is a bunch of links now - anyone know where the settings document went?

Are you referring to this one?


yes, that’s the one - have always used that for reference when using new materials, is their a different one floating around out their?

Bottom of that document displays tabs referring to different sheets. The fist one shown by default is “Master” which appears to be a general link collection of maker resources. The tab labeled “GF Material Settings” is the money screen.


This link no long works. does anyone have a current link?

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@cynd11 do you happen to have an updated link I had this saved and used in the past but seem like the link is broken

I’m sorry, it looks like the original author has deleted the file, and I never did save a copy. I tend to just test on whatever material I’m going to use anyway.

Maybe somebody else saved it?

thanks, Same here I have fallen down the rabbit hole trying to locate this I did the same and never saved the info, back to the forums to try and see if I can locate the original owner or someone with it save hahaha

I have a copy but have never used it. I just go with what I think will work, then tune by testing.

Here’s what I have:
Glowforge Setting.xlsx (454.3 KB)