Google Settings and Links needs fixing

I picked up the current version of this document, and though it looks like most of the settings are correct, the comments column has got quite messed up.

Is there anybody in a position to fix it up? Do you have older versions of this document or do you recognise your own settings.

For example there are comments that are definitely about folding cardboard or foam board for an acrylic entry.

What document? Something isn’t transmitting here.

This one:

Google Settings and Links.

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I understand now.

The Google Document Glowforge Settings & Links Spreadsheet.

I thought the first word was being used as a verb.

Thanks for the clarification.

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Sadly that’s the downside of a fully editable document. Definitely some folks adding rows to just sections which completely breaks anything below that :frowning:

Looks like late July was the last time that comment was near cardboard - if you click File > Version History it will load all the prior edits in order