Google WiFi wall mount

I created a wall mount for the Google WiFi devices. It went through a few iterations but I think I got it the way I want it. I set some tabs in the top for rubber bands to hold the upper ring in place so that it is easier to remove when you want to take the Google WiFi out of the bracket. This time, instead of using PowerPoint, I created this in TinkerCAD. I still have not gotten the hang of Fusion 360. I hope others find this useful.

P.S. If you create the upper ring out of acrylic it does line up with the device’s light so it looks pretty cool.

Here is the link to Thingiverse where I put the design.


I was just thinking about designing something to hold a couple of mine.

Thanks for the file!

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I have one of these hanging on my wall now :smile:

I tweaked your file a little bit, opening up the slots to .130 for using PG material (I used the “draft” material), but I left the slot for the acrylic at .126 (I think?) - which in hindsight I should have made .125 for a snug fit.

I think I’m going to add a support of the ring on the next one I print. I should be able to steal the bank slot on the base and run a vertical support up to the ring. As you see in my photo, the ring is a little droopier than I’d like since you went to the trouble to line it up with the lighted ring on the hub.

Thanks again!


Interesting, that should work just as well for my Echo Dot.


You’re well on your way with TinkerCAD - it will give you much more design prowess than PowerPoint! Thanks for sharing.

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