GoPro Hero 4 Stand for Glowforge

So, this is the first design I have come up with myself. I felt I needed a stand for my GoPro Hero 4 so that I could time lapse my projects. After about 6 iterations I finally got a snap fit product using Adobe Illustrator. I’m attaching the .SVG in case you think you could use it.

The design accommodates the camera without the case and using the lens protective covering. You can of course take the covering off and it will still work. Some pictures are included so you can see the final product. The only thing I didn’t include was the hole for the button on the side of the camera. Doesn’t bother me though. I set up the camera before dropping it into the holder anyway. This design uses 1/8" Baltic Birch.



Always fun to design something useful. Looks like it fits the function well.

Next iteration is to build in some tilt adjustability :slight_smile:


Modified uprights to the rescue.
Instead of one angle, allow for 10 degree increments using an upright like the one shown here.
Base would have to be a lot longer to allow for it to fit when flat.

Bleh. Cannot describe that well, so another picture instead.


Very cool. I would open up the sides, at least on the side were the USB port is, so that you could plug into external power or an external battery for longer jobs. Not sure the standard GoPro battery would last a full 3+ hour engrave, even on time lapse.


Since @wcwoodturning left the back open, they could use the GoPro Battery BacPac with the current design. That should give enough juice for a 3hr engrave.


You are the hero!


Just opened my GF today and want to print this! Too cool. Since I am so new, am I missing something? I can’t see the file


@LaserLlama simply right click on the lines below the picture and save the .SVG to wherever you like.

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love it, thank you. will use it.

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For others looking at this. I first cut this hoping it would work with my Hero 5. Sadly it didn’t fit. So I quickly drafted this in Google Drawings. It utilizes the base of this excellent design. Copy of GlowForge Template (3).pdf (1.8 KB)

Here is the Google Drawings template for you as well.

I love doing timelapse of my glowforge! Hope this is useful to at least 1 person.