Gorilla Stats - New users by month (Data Nerd Alert!)

So I was curious as I was looking through badges. (I know they don’t really relate but hey its my brain)

How many new users to the forum are there each Month/Day?

How I got the data
  1. Pulled up the Badges page
    2.Scrolled way down. (I think I got all of May)
  2. formated/transformed the data in excell/power BI/Ultra Edit text editor
  3. took the transformed data and put time scale (3d etc) to actual dates
  4. bring back into power bi and create chart

So I know its down and dirty, but it was a way.

Here are my findings.

Did not know if anyone else would find it interesting.

Also, if this data is somewhere I would love to see more.


Interesting correlation May 27th 60 new users and Demo/Live Chat w @dan


If you page through the Owners badge, you can get every members join date and last visit. You probably want to automate the paging.

Not sure if pasting into Excel directly is practical, however. Much easier in plain text on *ix where you can quickly strip the un-wanted info.

Some forum software (i.e. vbb) give users the ability to query the member list thru simple and easy to understand URL requests. i.e.: https://www. xxxxx .com/forums/memberlist.php?&pp=100&order=asc&sort=username&ltr=E&page=8
(It will usually cap the number per page at 100, no matter what you put in there.)

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