GoT bridge for resin cheese board

Made a river resin cheese board at a local workshop and the wife requested a “bridge” to include for our Game of Thrones watch party tonight. From request to concept to build was probably about 1hr. This is always the part of having the Glowforge that I enjoy the most, the short turn around time to see your idea realized.


The north remembers.


Very cool. Good call wife. :wink:

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Super cool! I just picked up some resin to start playing with.

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The bridge is perfect, but that cheese board is incredible! Enjoy the party! :grinning:

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That looks very cool and will be used fondly for a very long time.

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What fabulous projects, both of them! Are you going to make characters out of cheese? :laughing:


Be prepared for requests for these when you throw a party. Very nice.

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Wow! I love the bridge … but, the board is incredible! Stunning!!!