Got Mine Yesterday (Click Bait)


I’m so glad I’ve been keeping up with this forum on all the :glowforge: information. It really did require two of us to move this unit; it’s much larger than I had imagined. While it’s a bit noisy, I just love the way it cuts. Pictures coming soon.


Very happy for you!!! Yea!!!


Congrats! Pictures not coming soon enough :grinning:


My day is about to get really busy and I don’t want to let this go to far. While I’m still waiting for my GF Pro (as far as I know, none in the wild yet) I did pickup a new toy that really cuts :slight_smile: Bandsaw recommendations?

Continuing to build out my workshop. Workshops/Workspaces

I had really hoped to have my :glowforge:in time to share it at this weekends Maker Faire Detroit Maker Faire Detroit


Yay!! :tada::tada:


Looks like a winner!


Wow. Go big or go home. Nice saw.


Definitely cool! (Also very CB!) Congrats on the new toy! :smile:


Congrats! Can’t wait to see what you make.


Now you can understand why it’s taken me months to find a really nice 18" bandsaw. It’s not nearly as impressive as the one you made.


I just couldn’t resit having some fun with this topic. Wish I would have had time to write a better note as there are so many similarities I could have drawn to make is sounds like a GF. I had to cut the fun short as to many things were happening int he office this morning :frowning:


I’m looking forward to all the things I can make as well. One of my biggest hopes is to resaw wood for use in my :glowforge:


That is a serious sized bandsaw.


As @marmak3261 said “Go Big or Go Home”. Luck for me, this big saw is at home :smile:


:heart_eyes: that’s a nice one!


I have less room, but the 14" Ridgid (on a cart) looks big in the home.


In most cases a 14" bandsaw probably would be more than enough, but bigger is almost always better.


Nice saw you have :smile:



It’s taken far longer to find this one than I was expecting. Just a couple more pieces of equipment (dust collector and table saw) and I think the core parts of my wood shop will all be in place.


Is there a reason why these machines only have two wheels? I have a cheap one I inherited from my dad, which has three smaller wheels, making it much more compact. Seems like an obvious way to make it smaller but these professional machines seem to stick to two.


The large ones ALWAYS only have 2 wheels. It provides less variation on alignment if my memory serves me correctly. the 3 wheel units allow for the total say to be less tall.

I have a Jet 14" with a riser block. I use it a lot of the time to prep wood for my lathe.