Got my attention

This took me for a moment…the similarity really caught my eye;

Not copied though. It’s actually quite clever, being made from both a lower and uppercase G.

This is the proper graphic.

Nice, but the text is not nearly as fitting as the Glowforge font. I tried to find a matching font for the Glowforge logo text and couldn’t quite figure it out. It seems to be a variation of museo but with a flow and finesse in the serifs that evoke the flow of the laser cutting.

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I didn’t see the upper/lower G. I assumed it was a modified @

I have a Griffin iPad stand and I noticed it while sitting here at my computer. I used the Adobe Capture app. that was mentioned in this forum to take the photo…that’s why it’s in just B/W. Very cool app, by the way.

The font was hand-drawn by Corianton Hale of Sleepop. We’re big fans of his work.