Got my delivery!



…of my Tooli G2. :wink: (One day early!)

No time to assemble it today, hopefully tomorrow.


Aaaaassembly, aaaaassembly!! :grin:


Tooli! Tooli! Tooli! Tooli! :sunglasses:


Ooooo… New toy!!


wow - can’t wait to see it. Have Fun!


That will be fun! So many applications to use in tandem with the Glowforge.


How have I not seen this yet?! Had to look it up, really cool device! I’d love to hear how it is when you start using it.


Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I still haven’t bought one yet but I haven’t ruled it out.


Here’s the thread I started about it a few weeks ago: Toolbotics Tooli - it slices, it dices


I’m on this forum most days for the last year and a half (almost two years…whoa) and I still miss stuff somehow :disappointed:


Yeah, I get that. I’m falling further and further behind by the day.


Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. First time for me, too.


out of likes already…again. Thanks @johnwills and @Xabbess :two_hearts:


i’m really looking forward to seeing the things you do with this, especially in combo with the GF.


Congratulations! Me too! Shipped Monday from Oz.

I’ve got 10 days off starting Friday so it will have to wait




Never heard of it and now I can’t wait to hear about it!


Awesome! You can help me figure out what I’m doing…



I can’t try it out yet. The Mac version of the control app is not yet ready (should only be a day or two).


You’re in front of me. Maybe tomorrow…