Got my email! GF Pro 10/22/15

Got my email. Pro ordered 10/22/15. Beta forecast for my email was all over the place and moved up somewhat dramatically to 11/4 and then to 10/31. Got the actual email as trick or treating finished last night. Excited to learn how to use this thing!


Great news!

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My order was for a Pro with Filter late 10/22/15. My delivery forecast was the end of this month, still is. Hope your experience with the shipping goes smoothly.


I ordered the basic the same day. Estimated email coming mid-late January.


That seems really weird. 10/22 was still within the “pre-order campaign” wasn’t it? I thought the cut off was 10/24.

“Pre-order” is in quotes cause I’m a tad confused about that. I thought that orders placed within the first month of the (crowdfunding? preorder?) campaign were considered “pre-orders” but people ordering on the website today see a “preorder now” button. Confusing semantics.

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Yup, it was within that first 30 days. I’m not actually sure day was the final cut off – I think I remember they extended it for a few days because there were website issues or something? But it’s been so long I could totally be making things up. But I think I was a few days before it ended.