Got my email! Glowforge Pro


I got my email!!! I feel like I discovered my golden ticket to the chocolate factory!

Glowforge Pro, ordered on the end of Day 2. I see someone already updated my row on the spreadsheet. Now, I wait for a tracking email. Excited for sure!


Be a Charlie, not Agustus. Congratulation. I remember when I got mine (like a month ago). I have it and I’ve been playing with it. I’m super excited for the possibilities!!


So many ideas, so little time.




Congrats, I also received my email for a day 2 pro.


Excellent!! :tada: :balloon:


Hooray! I just got an e-mail for my pro too! Hopefully it gets here in time for my birthday, October 28!


Here’s hoping!




Awesome!! Congratulations :notes::notes::notes:


Just curious, when did you order?
My order was Oct 5 @ 11:18… which I believe is day 11. I’m hoping my email is right behind yours.


I got my “Day 2 Pro” email as well. Very excited - if I’m lucky it will come in time for the Orlando Maker Faire (in three weeks). That would be fun!


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada:


Great news! Congrats!


No need to answer in blood. I’m quite sure they will take a simple digital signature.


Yes, but which digit? The forefinger? Pinkie?


Snort! Very Halloween! :smile:


I might give a pinkie for it.


Congrats, I got my day 2 Pro email 2 days ago. I almost missed it, I’m on vacation and was ignoring as many emails as I could. I thought it was just another forum summary until I noticed the sending address was different.


It is getting PRO real oh ye of little faith. :upside_down_face: