Got my email! Glowforge Pro

I ordered mine on September 25, 2015, the last one of Day 2. I expect yours will be soon then.

I woke up this morning and right as I hopped in the truck to go to work just by chance checked my e-mails and low and behold my day 4 Pro e-mail was sitting there wishing me a good morning and like so many others I am now doing the “Happy Happy Joy Joy” dance.


Great, pros have just passed me on the spreadsheet.

Have anything fun you want to visit in the states? You could have yours shipped to one of us and then come get it and take it home with you. Of course, BA baggage handlers may or may not be harder on the box than UPS.

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It is only a few days before I don’t have a six week slot to receive it until February because we go to warmer climbs for winter. Tenerife and New Zealand for a month each. It would be hard to fit a US trip in as well!

I don’t think taking it on a plane at my own risk would be a good idea either.

If it is really going to be delivered in October it won’t be a problem but six weeks now goes well past that.

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Awesome! I’m happy to see the shipping banner has moved a tick.


Its sad, because I got my original email in early June, and I was moving at the end of June - Couldn’t accept delivery because the window was too big, and I didn’t know where I would be.

Still waiting from end of August through…October here we come.

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Got shipment notifications yesterday, and it arrived today (I’m in Washington state, so shipping from California was fast)! Three weeks from e-mail receipt, much faster than expected .



Pictures please (of your setup and smiling faces)!

Congrats! :grinning:

Thanks, I’ve created a post showing my setup: My GF Pro, Lumos Maxima!