Got my Glowforge Pro


So my GlowForge Pro arrived yesterday, and I got her all spun up and ready go.

Printed the Founders Ruler to make sure everything was running right, and it went without a hitch. Even added some of my own logos to it, to see how they would come out.

I’ve never used a laser cutter before, or really any sort of 2D plotter / printer. Only experience I’ve had was with messing with Adobe illustrator before to make vector graphics for various purposes.

I went combing through the free plans section and found a Tie Fighter made in Fusion 360. Being the Star Wars fan that I am, I took a look at it. After some time reading all I could about how to get Fusion 360 stuff in to a format I could upload to the app, I finally got it working. FIgured I’d post a photo of the creations here.

Made on the proof grade acrylic that was shipped. Not bad for my first real laser project I think. Cheers!


Congrats on the Pro and happy Force Friday!!
You’re definitely one with the Force, and the Force is with you!!



This is great and quite an accomplishment. Thanks for posting. It really gives me some ideas. Especially like watching Rouge One before it disappears from Netflix.


Just posted almost the same jam! Congrats on getting your Pro yo!


Wow! Like you, I had never used a laser before. Your first project was miles ahead of mine though; well done!


Yeah, those are a sweet 2nd project! (I keep hearing the Star Wars song in my head today.) :smile:


Hah, yeah, now the problem is coming up with a 3rd project that is just as cool. I find I’m better at the concept to reality process, compared to the being creative and coming up with the concept in the first place.


We all do. :smile: Lots of great inspiration in the Made on a Glowforge category for when you get stuck.


I’m sure you had a lot of fun making this one. Looks great!


Congrats on the Pro! Nice tie fighter.


Perfect example of why the Glowforge was made.
No experience…BAM. Sweet project into existence!

Congrats!! Go forth and laser all the things😄


You’re off like a rocket! Well, a tie-fighter. Heck of a second project.


That occurred to me when I began using the glowforge, the inspiration used to be easier than actually performing the work with old school tools. Now it’s the opposite with the machine autonomously humming along. Of course mastering the design software presents a challenge.


Wow! those look great!!! I had to look closely (and actually READ what you wrote) to realize these were laser cut acrylic and not 3D printed. Cool stuff… would you say this IS the laser you were looking for?


I’m certainly having a lot of fun with it. There are features I wish it had, that it will never have, as they are hardware limitations (a deeper bed to put larger things in, and a “rotary thing” to cut on round surfaces), but given what it is, an the fact that this is just a hobby / entertainment thing for me at this point, I’m very happy with it. I’m also looking forward to the software improvements as time goes on as well. It can only get better from here.