Got my Inventables $100 Gift Certificate

The struggle is real.

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Dilly Dilly

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Gmail hid mine in the inbox :grin: Thanks for the heads up!


Me too. I am sure they are now out of stock of everything useful :slight_smile:

as long as you can still order it, you’ll still get $100 worth of free stuff at some point. :slight_smile:

Got mine too, but still waiting on a few items to ship.

I missed out… so sad. I had every intention and then work, Christmas, cats lol
Enjoy everyone! :slight_smile:

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That’s a bit harsh. Don’t blame work or Christmas. It’s all the fault of the cats.

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Hahaha totally! Look how un-pleased he is


Yay, I got mine!

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For Sure…!

I’m so glad everyone posted this. My certificate was in my spam and i may have never looked if it weren’t for the community.


Got my package of free material from Inventables today and my wife asked what was in the package? I replied, “Laser food.”


Has everyone gotten theirs… I have not and did check the spam folder…

I got mine about a week after I ordered the qualifying first $100+ :slight_smile:

I finally found mine in a folder Outlook calls Bulk Mail. Who knew I don’t have a Spam folder any more.

I do not seem to have received my Inventables gift certificate. Checked spam folders and all, but nothing. Any help?

Which one? As I recall, people who ordered their glowforge by a certain date should receive a $50 Inventables gift certificate from glowforge. You can email to see if you should have one.

This thread is discussing a December 2017 promotion from Inventables, where if you ordered $100 of stuff from Inventables in December you received a $100 gift certificate from Inventables in January. People who received their $50 gift certificate late last year took advantage of the promotion as anyone would.

If you’re talking about the Glowforge $50 one, I didn’t either, but support was able to give it to me after contacting them. (It was suppose to come in an email with your tracking number for the proofgrade supplies, but for me the proofgrade just showed up - no email)

If anyone like he can use my code. I can’t use it because shipping to switzerland is as expensive as the material itself. Added the taxes its not worth it because then its dubble the price of the material.
I hope i can do someone a favor.
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