Got My Laser Ornaments

Made a lot of projects on day one of firing up the Glowforge… but this one was a long time coming. Over the last 2 years I’ve talked about getting this thing… a lot… and got many comments from doubters as to whether it would ever come. I now have a reply, in the form of a snarky little ornament.


This made me LOL. Well played.


This is awesome! haha

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Congratulations! :smile:

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ha ha…that’s great!

I expect we all have taken some heat from friends and family over this journey. Now that they see it, they can have one of their very own - for $2,000 more than we paid! :smirk:(Gloating)


Ohhh, do I have some people that I could give this to. I finally got my email and responded to it over the weekend.


Glowting - LOL


Well played indeed!

Wow, that is a true work of art :rofl:

More than 2k!

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This is fantastic! So funny :rofl:

I wanted to do something similar, but decided that them being jealous of my creations was good enough haha

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This is awesome. Wish I was able to make this…but my date was moved from the 14th to the 27th… But, this is all around awesome. Well done.

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lol perfect :ok_hand:t4:

This made me lol! Nice work and I might be stealing this once mine comes in lol

hahaha! I just got my laser two days ago, and this is just what I needed to see. It totally says: “I got a finger for you, naysayers!” hahaha!