Got my pro today... started making things i needed already


Made a saya (sheath) for one of my kitchen knives… its a unique shape, so it was hard to find sheaths that fit easily…


Nice! What wood is that?


Beautiful job! :grinning:


proofgrade 1/8in hard maple

its 3 layers of wood… 2 outer layers look like the top, and the inner layer has the knife shape cut out inside


Congrats and nice looking job!


Wow, very cool!


Cutting straight to the big stuff! This looks spectacular, especially the clean finish.


Very impressive first project!


Amazing! Very fine craftsmanship.


That looks so amazing! My husband is a chef and he had me make 8 sayas for his odd shaped knives the first week i got my glowforge but your finishing looks way better!


literally second thing i made after the ruler, and the main reason i got the glowforge in the first place… honestly, the glowforge is exactly what i was hoping for… easy to use for sure


if your husband has questions about saya making, feel free to bug me


playing around with some new stuff today and wanted to test engraving… came out like this:

also, for what its worth, cermark works rather well on metal…

settings used were full power and 200 speed on a scrap piece of hitachi white #2 metal:


I bet he would love to pick your brain about saya making! Do you sell them? He just said he wanted to remake his…I might just send him your way :joy:


i bought the glowforge to add custom saya making abilities to my company, so yes, we will be selling them at some point (when i feel better about how we make them)… feel free to have him hit me up with questions… i’d be happy to share how we do things with him