Got my proofgrade box but no tracking email to warn me



Got my proofgrade material which is great! But my concern is that I got no tracking number email so I am concerned that my GF may come without my knowing because I may not get a tracking number. Help please :slightly_smiling_face:


If your packages are being sent to a residential address, you can sign up for UPS My Choice ( GF did not send me an email about my Proofgrade delivery, but UPS did.


I did but I guess I did not put in everything. You put in your address and it says when shipments are coming?

Thanks for the reply!!


You have to sign up for a free account and they’ll tell you a day in advance when you have a shipment arriving. They also let you know when a package has been delivered (usually within a few minutes after it’s been delivered).


I signed up for UPS My Choice specifically because of the pending glowforge and it is also automatically alerting me to ALL packages sent via UPS to my address from other vendors without any special processing on their end.

As soon as there is a shipping label made for a package, it goes into the system and you can see it via the UPS website or their mobile app.


All signed up now on my choice thanks!!


UPS MyChoice isn’t a solid answer for everyone. It isn’t available to everyone even when they are at a home address.

@dan @Rita
This isn’t the first time that someone didn’t get a tracking number after reviving the first email. Is this being looked into?


I wasn’t aware of that. Good to know.


I would love tracking number email(s)


I didn’t know either till I tried yesterday.

No worries.


Oh, the irony. All this time waiting and then when it shows up you don’t know about it! Hope this gets sorted out before some Glowforge gets waylaid or ends up missing.


I won’t complain I didn’t get an email when they ship my Glowforge, I will be happy just to get it, but that is me.
Can’t wait for the “Surprise” your Glowforge is here," oh yeah baby, I will be happy. As you can tell, it doesn’t take much to make us old guys happy.:grinning:


I too got my proofgrade box without a notification. I promptly signed up for MyUPS immediately so I knew when everything else was going to come.


Same here :grin:


Meanwhile in the UPS Web Services Dept…

Sysadmin1: Hrmm, Are we running a promotion or something?
Sysadmin2: No…Why?
Sysadmin1: We got a large spike in sign-ups.
Sysadmin2: Okay? So?
Sysadmin1: Well- They all happened about the same time…
Sysadmin2: Botnet?
Sysadmin1: Maybe? Dunno


Probably skewing the results of one of their ad campaigns.


I strongly doubt that we’re any more than a drop in the bucket for a company as big as UPS.


Please let support know!


How do I let support know?