Got my proofgrade tracking 10/31/17

Some of you probably saw my post in a thread about receiving my golden email but in the spirit of encouragment I decided to create my first post since I got my proofgrade tracking today for delivery tomorrow.
Pro with filter ordered 10/10/15 (day 17)
Golden email received 10/24/17
Proofgrade tracking 10/31/17

Can’t wait to get started!


Nice! Did you get a Pro, or Basic?

I received my PG package on Friday (10/27) for my Day 9 Pro. No word on the big box yet, though.

(edit: Ha! that was amazing timing. Immediately after I hit “Post” I got the UPS MyChoice notification- Glowforge is slated for 11/2 delivery :D)


It was a pro and I updated it on my post.

Congratulations on the delivery!!! Maybe a week or so for me! (I’m definitely an optimistic :smile: )

Nice! And mine’s actually a Day 10 order (10/3/15).

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Cool! I Just (like 20 minutes ago) got my ProofGrade box. So close now…


I just received mine as well! I better go back to reading the tutorials… All of the sudden I drew a blank seeing the materials :sweat:
My primary use was going to be leather but we will see where this pack takes us!


I have a similar issue. When I get a new notebook it’s hard for me to start writing in it; what is “worth” this nice thing?? Feel the same way about the PG stuff. So I gotta just start cutting; I’ll see what emerges. :slight_smile:

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The eagle has landed, now I have to print something… see you guys soon (I hope)


Woo-Hoo!!! Burn Baby Burn!!