Got my shipping email today!

I got my shipping email today and couldn’t be more excited! I’m concerned because I went through all the steps, but didn’t get any kind of confirmation email afterward. Does GF acknowledge my choice to get it now? Sorry if this has been answered already.

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From my understanding, they will ship the consumables first. This buys time for the actual unit to ship after that. You will get a tracking number once the unit ships, but they can take up to 6 weeks for that. I think it was setup that way to reduce the $20 per late month payout.

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No, you won’t receive any type of confirmation. Get signed up for UPS MyChoice now. They’ll likely have to send a card with a verification code in the mail. Then (or before - whatever), go into your options/preferences and enable the types of notifications you want to receive. I like to check the one where it notifies you as soon as a label is created.


One sign that the ball is rolling is the estimated ship date goes away.

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We’re so excited for you to get your Glowforge!

I checked your account and see that we’ve received your information. We will send you another email with tracking information as soon as your Glowforge is ready to ship.

Please let us know if you don’t see the email within five weeks from the day you provided your shipping address - although it is usually much faster.

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