Got my tracking number

Well I received my tracking order on Monday. Today is Wednesday and it’s still processing 1 of the 2 packages. I’m assuming the one that is 70ish pounds is the machine that’s just sitting and the rest are my materials that have shipped? Funny thing is I’ve already received the materials I ordered from the shop over the weekend. I just want to “Fire the laser!” Don’t think it will be here by the 5th as advertised at this point.


This is correct. Congratulations. You’ll enjoy it once you get it all setup.

This happened to many of us; it’s just the nature of the logistics between the startup and machine bundle and the standard store purchases.

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Just a caution. It is what I did. We actually picked it up earlier than it would have been delivered.

Sign up for UPS MyChoice.
Locate the 70 pound package.
Ask them to hold it at the local distribution center for pickup.

Logic is -> a lot of the damage comes from when this heavy box is removed from the mass shipping pallets, and is now just a solo heavy box.
That last mile with it kicking around in the back of a delivery truck, (sliding and getting pushed around by One Person) is where a lot of the damages occur.

Just my $0.02 but mine came in great and one person did not have to work around it doing deliveries on the last mile.


The materials ship from TN and the glowforge from northern CA. Whether or not you’ll have it by the 5th depends on where you live.