Got Our Email Yesterday


Happy to report that we received our email yesterday. We purchased on 9/26, 2015 at 2:35 pm. It was a basic unit.

We primarily bought the glow forge to help my wife’s business (Lucy Loves Leather). She creates leather fantasy masks and other wearable art such as bracers, bracelets, and earrings and sells them world wide. At the very least we believed that buying a laser would save her hand that tires from cutting the leather by hand. Any basic laser cutter would do this. We are excited to get the glow forge and put it into the workflow and see what other type of business ventures it will open up for us.

Lance and Kimberly (Lucy)


Excellent. :tada:
She should show some of her work in 'Show & Tell!


Congratulations! :grinning::confetti_ball::tada::balloon:


Congrats! Looking forward to seeing what you all make. Love the masks!


Congratulations on your Glowforge!

If it is the website then bravo. That is some stunning work!


It is indeed her website although she predominately does work through her Etsy shop!


Impressive work – can hardly wait to see what she does with the GF!


I know I can wait. I will just feel even LESS artistic. :slight_smile:



Many awesome discoveries await you !!!





Yes, I am impressed by her on a daily basis! That indeed is her Etsy Shop! I dabble a little bit (I do the bracers and eye patches that are occasionally found in her shop). Together we run a video production company as well!



Wow, the masks are wonderful!! I can’t wait to see what can be created with the Glowforge!


Exciting for you, and great to see Kimberly’s amazing leather work! I’m hoping to see lots of pics from you in the coming weeks.


I find it encouraging and exciting that we’re seeing more and more emails are going out. It genuinely feels a bit like Christmas eve!


Congratulations! :raised_hands:


Thanks everyone for the kind remarks! I’m super excited about the Glowforge, and it works great on leather. We’re working on converting my templates into CSV files, which has been a bit of a learning curve! Also on the road for work, so not a lot of time at home to play with designs.

The Glowforge helped me get a bunch of orders done in record time, with just a very basic layout! Can’t wait to optimize it.

  • Kimberly, Owner of Lucy Loves Leather


Did you mean SVG (versus CSV)?


Yes, it’s too early for acronyms.


What do you mean too early… If you didn’t go to sleep, doesn’t that mean it’s late??? :wink: