Finally got my email yesterday afternoon about shipping my GPro! Had to read it a couple times as I was in disbelief lol.
Ordered mine on Day 28 of the campaign. (2015-10-22).

Will post update once it actually ships to help anyone wanting to know how much of a gap from the email to machine shipping there is. For those wondering…



Read up on the forum … Especially the Tips and Tricks categories.

A lot of material put together to make your first few weeks easier.


Excellent. They skipped me. FAIL! GF basic ordered 10-18-2015… I was just looking around to see who was getting their based on order date. I find this whole “Shipping order day 26” business confusing AF. They need to stick with “Shipping orders placed on & before xx-xx-xxxx.”

I was thinking they skipped me too. I wrote them an email asking. Not sure that’s why I got my email or not.

They are not up to Oct 18 for Basics. Only Oct 17. Day 24 is Oct 17.


Thanks for clarifying, I don’t understand why they’re still sticking with an update/shipping scheme that needs constant clarification from forum members.

Oct 22 is Day 29 not Day 28. Everyone forgets that Sept 24 is Day 1, Sept 25 is Day 2. You can’t take the number of days between two dates.

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Pure marketing. Day 29 sounds a whole lot better than if they said “we’re shipping units ordered on XX/XX/2015, more than 2 years ago.”


I don’t know who they’re trying to market to. Everyone on the forums is either an owner, or someone waiting to get a GF. We’re all keenly aware of how long it’s taken. I wish they’d ditch the marketing and simply own up to it. It’d save posts of “where’s my shipping email” and the like.

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Easy for me to count. Ordered in the first 9 hours.

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Congratulations on your mastery.

While only we owners can post, anybody can read the forum including which day they are shipping.

I received my e-mail Nov 3rd also, I ordered my Pro on day 29. Can hardly wait.


Got UPS notification on the proof grade materials (Based on weight). I did not get an email from GF about that shipment. Should I have, or the only email I should expect is when the GF actually ships?

I got a Proofgrade email from GF a day after the UPS email. It’s not an automatic email so weekends and holidays may play a role, nor is it obviously consistent. If you got the UPS email for the PG then you will also get one of those from UPS for the unit before any GF email.

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