Got the golden Mail... But it was a false alarm :)


I changed my shippind adress to Germany long time ago with the help of the support. Now i got the golden e-mail that my glowforge is ready. Unfortunetely i can not say yes to my glowforge because all other countries are blacklisted in the order process… So i asume my adress did not change in your backend.

So please change my shipping destination to Germany and wirte me a new golden e-mail when it is my turn…

Very limited warranty for international customers

Oh man, that’s a heartbreaker. :neutral_face:


Ah its okay somehow, after this long time i expect everything :smile:


I would have said yes. They sent the invite to you so they should know if they’re going to be ready to ship in 6 weeks. They’ve got your address in Germany, getting the email should reasonably be construed that they think they’re able to get it to you in 6 weeks or less.


i can not say yes, because it stops on page 1 where you have to select the country. If you chose something different, the “next step” button greys out. The “say yes”-page is step 3… a few days more or less does not matter at the end.


I’m so sorry! I’ve updated your address and when we’re ready to ship to your address in Germany we’ll contact you again about your order.

I’ve followed up in email about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.