Got to see a GlowForge for the first time!


Went to @PrintToLaser’s place and got to check out a GlowForge before I receive mine (hopefully in a few weeks). I’m really impressed to be honest and I can’t wait to get my own.

I really liked the setup of his workspace. You could tell there was a lot of creativity going on there.He is really talented and definitely knows what he’s doing. I am very grateful for him letting me (a stranger) into his home.

Unfortunately this was the only file we were able to print out (a commission from a friend of mine).

For some reason the browser was having issues uploading my files… I mainly work in Illustrator so maybe the SVG saved out from there could be an issue? I’m hesitant with uploading my personal work to the web browser app because I’m worried about the security of my files. Personally, I would love to have a local program that I could install onto my computer and print files from there.

I learned a lot about the setup for this machine and how the ventilation will work. Hopefully you guys will be seeing more work from me when I receive my machine.

I also want to be a part of some material swaps in the future. I have a lot of extra plastic that I don’t use. I look forward meeting other GlowForge owners in Colorado.

All in all, thank you again to @PrintToLaser for letting me get to try out his GlowForge!


@PrintToLaser should be on the payroll at this point for the number of demos he’s done! :smiley:

Hopefully you get your unit soon.


Could be. Make sure you save not export and use SVG Normal or SVG 1.1 and not Inkscape SVG or Compressed SVGZ.


In addition to what Jim said, make sure that you do NOT have Preserve Illustrator Editing checked, or Include XMP…

Matter of fact, just do this:


Right? I’ve been to his place twice now. Third time, I think I get my own cot?


Best laugh of the day man! Thanks for that!.. and the materials, and the magnets and the friendship!

Was a pleasure to meet you @Livi :sunglasses:


Thanks! I’ll make sure to do that when I prep my files.


Hello from a NoCo GF’er

Glad to meet another Colo-Glower!


Hello! I’m located in Littleton.


:thinking: Glowforge Bed and Breakfasts. It’s so crazy it just might work!


Or, a Glowforge Party (like Tupperware or Mary Kay). Multilevel marketing at its finest! :wink:


Well, somebody did put bacon in theirs. The pancakes and eggs might be an issue though.


I had trouble with uploading AI svg files also. @jules pointed out to me that I had the “include XMP” boxed checked in the svg options box.
Make sure that isn’t checked and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Edit: guess I should read responses first!! @Jules already stayed the same.


It should be reported as a bug because meta data embedded in XML can simply be ignored easily enough.


That was really great of you, @PrintToLaser!


What’s great is seeing the enthusiasm, and ease with which people who have never seen the user interface can immediately begin using it. A testament to the founder’s vision and the reality of the team’s accomplishment.

All of the individuals I have invited into my home have all been courteous, thoughtful and have all taught me something. The new friendships are the cherry on top!