Got tracking number today!

Ordered on October 8, 2015, Basic no filter. Scheduled to arrive on Saturday. Good news, I m going to Israel on Tuesday and will be gone for 12 days. Will have to put on hold projects, but real happy it is not coming while we will be gone. Can’t wait!


Yea !!
How many days between address submission and tracking number?

Got golden email October 17th. Today November 1


Congratulations to you…and to me!! I got my tracking info for my Pro ordered Sept. 30. UPS says they will be at my house on Saturday, November 4. My shipping notice was October 13


Congrats! And have a great trip to Israel…we were just there in June!

Just to be clear - this is the glowforge (from California) not the proofgrade materials (from Tennessee), right?

Congrats on the :glowforge: and have a great trip to :israel:!!
Haven’t been in quite a few years, need to go back! Great place, great people, great food!!

PS.: You should bring back some Jerusalem stone to laser on your brand new :glowforge:.

Glowforge. I received the proofgrade materials last week.