Gotta vent through this… or replace it?

I have one of these in my garage wall, where my laser will live soon, and of course the filters aren’t shipping yet so I have to improvise. Currently, it’s in the living room scaring the roommates (and they don’t like the wood stink, but I find it nice but that’s another story.)

I want a good exhaust to happen and not just “blow in that direction” so I’m debating how to actually connect the hose up to this where it actually works well and doesn’t give me blowback. Do “they” make a replacement that has the dryer hose connection on one side and the regular vent on the other? Suggestions?


Jump on Amazon and search for Dryer Vent Box. There’s lots of options for 4" hose to a square or rectangular shape. Add in some aluminum duct tape and you’re golden.


Use the Glowforge to make an adapter.


Paradox! He can’t make an adapter until he has the vent in place… which needs the adapter!!!

Or he drops the hose out the window for that cut :wink:


Or he lets it vent inside. Since you often don’t appreciate what you haven’t experienced, he’d then know why his venting is so good afterwards :slight_smile:


ha! I’m actually using it now with the hose run out the bottom of the cracked-open garage door. Turns out, the outside vent is painted into the wall, so I can’t just remove the outside vent without affecting the paint. Still debating options but can use it in the meantime. :smiley:

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You might be able to use an Xacto knife and cut the paint where the vent is attached to the wall and not disturb the overall paint job when you take off the cover.

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Leave the vent on the outside and remove the cover on the inside. Cut a piece of wood to fit and cut a hole in that like people do for a window. Slip a six inch long piece of rigid duct tube into the hole and secure with some tin tape. Clamp the hose to the duct pipe and burn stuff with a laser.