Graduation sign addon

Thanks to the heads up by @evermorian I was able to quickly whip up this add on for my 8th grader’s sign. I do have to give it a quick shot of paint before it gets attached.

Tomorrow we have nice weather so we will pop the sign up when she goes on a walk, so she sees it when she returns.


Congrats to Laura!

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Her 8th grade year end was not what we had hoped for of course. multiple dance performances scrapped, and a host of other activities as well.

Always nice to get some personalization in.


Especially since I have time to actually USE Beamer.

it was delivered the November before we moved in Jan, 2 years ago. then father in law died mid year and until recently it was estate stuff.

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Glad you’re getting some Glowforge time in. Those family losses take awhile to heal from.

And clearing a house that was lived in for 50 years.

But she loved the sign. :slight_smile: the weather cleared up so we could put it out today.

Woohoo. Beamer scores!