Graphics in Steel Knife Blades

I made this while testing if I could put stuff on a steel knife blade, settings were full power at 400 speed.

Then I did this at full power at 300 speed:

What I found interesting was that I saw sparks while running this. I looked under the microscope and can see small bubbles in the metal, it was actually melting into the blade.


Cool! (Tagging this with Settings and moving to BTM so we can use it as a reference.) :grinning::+1:


Thank you!

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Are you lasering a coating that is already on the blade, ie the black/grey layer, r is that your own coating ?

This was the coating that was already on the knife blade when the knife was purchased.

Looks really nice! I see a future in personalized gifts there! :wink:

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Very Nice! I wonder if they were anodized or powder coated.

It seemed like the first may have been more like a powder coat and the second seemed much more like anodizing.

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It was my understanding that anodizing only worked in Aluminum, as the activity was the most extreme of all common metals, creating the necessary porosity for the dyes, though perhaps it was only the easiest to anodize.