Grateful dead pins...glow in the dark blows my mind


Some grateful dead pins I’ve been working on…love the glow on the friend of the devil dancing bear… had some issues getting it to recognize the 1/ 16 acrylic today for some reason…the other is on zebra wood,

3-gang Lever Light Switch Plate Toggle Cover

The Zebra wood is stunning!


Nice! But I know you meant Grateful Dead. :slight_smile:


Yikes…My phone isnt as smart as it used to be.


Deadhead? (Great pins!) :smile:




Love the glow in the dark!!


Love the Devil! :grin:

To clarify, I love the work…


Was never so proud of my daughter when she stole my Grateful Dead albums about 25 years ago. Thinking her and her husband have been to at least a dozen Dead & Company concerts in the past two years. Not quite the same, but as close as this universe will allow.


Where did you get the Zebrawood?


I hear that!! Not a fan of John mayer😛






LOL - I don’t hate him as much as I expected to. He’s a solid blues guitarist and his skill helps to distract from Weir forgetting what he’s doing. All snark aside, Oteil is a wonderful addition.

As to your pieces, very cool. The zebra wood is beautiful, though dancing baphomet is slightly scary :wink:


What do you expect when your a “friend of the devil” (sinister laugher echoing away):open_mouth::hugs: